Design Web Apps




WebApp JavaScript learning and references

  1. JavaScript CDN Links
  2. JavaScript UniTest
  3. Learning javaScript for beginners
  4. Learning javaScript for professional
  5. Using the Revealing Module Pattern to create a CanvasChart
  6. Using the Revealing Module Pattern to create a Calculator
  7. JavaScript-Library
  8. Detecting HTML5 Features using modernizr
  9. REST DataService {JSON: 'It's all about Data'}

jQuery == $

The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library.

  1. jQuery vs. javaScript (.pdf)
  2. javaScript & jQuery Best Practices (.pdf)
  3. Play with jQuery
  4. Alternative jQuery API Documentation Search by Jalal Hejazi
  5. jquery_documentation (.pdf)
  6. Learning JavaScript Template using jsRender (jQuery plugin)


HTML enhanced for web apps!

  1. CRUD Single Page WebApp (TODO APP)
  2. realTime TodoMVC using websocket
  3. HTML5 forms clientside validation


Please develop HTML5 mobile web apps rater than native mobile apps!


Best practices for professional WebApps Workflow